jkh_big.jpgJohn K. Holland

Prior to joining AMC Health in 2010, Mr. Holland founded LifeLink Monitoring, a leading national telemonitoring company, in 1994. He developed the first home blood pressure telemonitoring service in the U.S., followed by a suite of telemonitoring services for clinical trials, homecare, managed care and disease management.

Holland’s current focus is the deployment of a mobile platform for clinical trials that includes video ‘visits’, in-home biometric monitoring, ePRO and medication adherence monitoring. These enable patients to participate in trials without leaving home, reducing cost and patient burden, and overcoming geographic barriers to recruitment.

Recently, he was co-lead in the development of a crowd-sourced protocol for an FDA Phase 2 trial that will collect 90% of the data in patients’ homes. The FDA opened the IND with no objections.